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1st cruze

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my dad just bought a 15 cruze LT to replace a totaled pickup in an accident. I hope my experience with this vehicle compares to my Hyundai experience. I have owned 2 chevy malibus an 04 and a 08 so I'm not new to chevy products. I hope all goes well with the Cruze. it will be a stricktly city car...
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Welcome to the family!
Welcome to CruzeTalk.
Welcome to CruzeTalk! Post some pictures if you get some time! We'd love to see it.
Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about a totaled truck, but sounds like everything worked for the best. Would be great to see your Cruze. There are lots of great choices for parts, service and many owners willing to help you. Have fun surfing around!
Welcome Aboard!:welcome:
Welcome to CruzeTalk.
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