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1st diesels to be built this summer - Full release 2nd Qtr of 2013

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Youngstown Vindicator Staff Report

"..The plant is working on a couple of prototype diesel Cruzes in preparation for launch of the 2013 diesel model to be made at Lordstown, Green said. The plant will focus a great deal on the diesel Cruze during the summer shutdown, said Green, adding that he is leaning toward getting one for himself.

I have the Cruze, and I think I want the diesel. We’re ramping up.”

Michelle Lambert, Cruze launch manager, said the Lordstown plant will build about 15 diesel Cruzes the rest of this year and begin regular production in the second quarter of 2013, according to The Vindicator’s broadcast partner, 21 WFMJ-TV..."
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...many people are gonna be be very blue-in-the-face because they had to hold their breath that long (hee,hee).

...that should technically make them a 2013½ model year vehicle.
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