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2,000 Mile 2017 Premier Hatch Review w/ comparison

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I’ve had my 2017 Cruze Premier Hatch, for a little over 3 weeks, now. In this review, I outline my pros and cons with this car. This being my 4th Cruze, I can offer some comparison and contrast, to the Generation 1 Cruze.

First thing, the car. I was interested in the Hatch, from the second I saw it. This being my 4th Cruze, I wanted something totally different from my last 3. Which were all 1 Gen Ecos. See Signature. The redesign was definitely due.


Premier Hatch. I went fully optioned. Every available package.

Smooth Trans
Z-Link rear
Brakes are 100 times better than Gen 1
Steering is flawless
Smooth ride
One of the roomiest interiors of any car I’ve owned. More than previous Honda Accords.
18” wheels 40 series tires. Stylish
Lane keep assist (physically steers you back into the lane)
Heated seats, front and rear
Apple car play completely new MyLink
Color DIC
Rear cross traffic alert, is a godsend.

It moves like a fat old man (more on this later) Premier only.
Every time you touch the throttle, it wants to downshift.
The gas mileage on the Premier Hatch, is absolutely horrid. Having trouble averaging 25 on the highway. I commute with it, and most of the highway speeds are 70-75, in a 70 zone. My Ecos used to get 37 easily, doing the same drive. Of course, I don’t just get on the highway, and drive to work, if I want to pass someone, I pass them, quickly.
Luckily for me, the tank is larger, so, I get about the same distance before fill up. But, I’ve already filled the tank about 6 times.
It dives into a corner like Jesus himself is pulling the rear bumper off the ground, to help you around the corner. It plows like crazy.
The collision mitigation gets confused often. Doesn’t work well, at slow speeds, like when creeping in traffic. Maybe you should get one audible when you’re getting closer to someone. When you’re trying to pull out into another lane, to go around a lane that’s stopped, you could crash into the car, in front of you, trying to watch for a clearing to get over, and the car will let you.

Now for the comparison section:

Currently, I’m in a rental, provided by the dealership, as my car is in for a 2 day full clear bra and window tint. Of which I will do a thread and pictures of, when I get the car back. I’ll have it tomorrow. Expect a review in a short period of time.

Items getting installed
Full clear bra (full hood, fenders, mirrors, A-pillars, front edge of roof, back to the sunroof. Rockers, door cups, headlights, cargo deck on rear bumper etc)

Window tint: Llumar Formula One Stratos. Stratos 15 back half windows. Stratos 35 side roll-ups. Stratos 70 on the entire windshield. Outer wing mirror glass, Stratos 70.

Now, for the rental:
2016.5 Cruze L Fleet in Blue Ray Metallic Auto, of course.

It RIPS!! This thing is better than my car, in every way. First thing I noticed, when pulling out of the dealership, into traffic, is, it was digging for traction, and it was losing. Hearing 4-6 tire chirps, just under straight line acceleration. My Premier, I’ve never even heard it sqeek a tire. This thing takes off, like a bat out of ****. The trans shifts smoother, it feels like it’s tuned, compared to my Premier Hatch. Second thing I noticed. The DIC. Average fuel consumption over 25 miles. 31.3. 39.9 max. And, I was driving it like a rental. My Premier, has never seen 30! The trans knows what gear it needs to be in, and it will actually accelerate, using the power of the turbo, and not freaking out, like my Premier, and jumping down 2 gears, and jerking your head back. I wish my Hatch drove like the rental. And it doesn’t plow into the corners, like the Hatch.
More interior room, than you’d ever imagine in a mid sized car. It feels like you’re sitting in an Impala. And I’m 6’3 260 pounds.

Cons: it’s a rental, it smells like stale interior. There aren’t any “no smoking” signs in it, so, it smells like stale smoke @10,840 miles.
It’s gutted. Not even one steering wheel button. It does have a backup camera, which I think is mandatory in new cars, now. And the radio is shot out, junk. It’s plastic as ****. But it’s a fleet rental.

Now, for some contrast:

The first gen has some quirks it could never really shake. The steering was horrible, in all 3 of my cars. They all suffered from sticking on Center. The 2014 has the repair done, and it still didn’t work correctly, all the time. All 3 of the Ecos also had a rattling noise, in the front right corner, of the car, at highway speed. Sounded like there was a loose panel, or something.

The auto dimming rear view mirror. Hated it. Functional and worked well, however, it was sloppy and loose, which drove me crazy.

The transmission, grinded second gear, from day one. In both my 2013- and 2014. 6MT

The parking sensors, to me, are far more functional than the backup camera, which I only had in my 2014. The camera was just visual, and it was hard to adjust to, when you’re used to the sensors going off in your ears. You really have to pay more attention, backing up and watching what you’re doing.

The 2014, saw far more time, getting repaired. The eco shutters stopped working, it blew the IC hoses off twice. (BNR tuned, 22psi) the shutters were hard to diagnose. The CEL didn’t exactly point to the shutters being the problem. The check engine light, was intermittent.

Neither of the other 2 Ecos ever had CELs. So, with well over 200,000 miles on 3, Gen 1 Ecos, the 2014, saw actual dealership repair time, where it had to stay one night, in service for the eco shutters. The 2014, over 90,000 super hard, tuned miles, the car went 107,720 before I traded it in. Over 60,000 tuned miles on the 2013, all without even a hitch. Many times, I thought, at 107,000 miles, “this turbo could go at any time.” Especially seeing well over 10mph hundreds of times. And the engine, performed flawlessly, for all of those miles.

Land vehicle Vehicle Chevrolet cruze Car Mid-size car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Alloy wheel
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Executive car

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No power, excessive fuel consumption, I wonder if there's something wrong under the hood?

I mean, you'd expect that kind of power with a dead ignition coil, but if it were something that bad it'd be throwing a CEL for misfires.
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I have a 17 Hatch LT and it books and I average between 32-38 mpg. All I have done is AEM CAI.

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After driving the rental, for a few days, I’d say that both are totally different cars. And I’d think that it would throw out some sort of flag that something wasn’t working correctly.

Maybe it needs to be broken in, more? I don’t know. I do know that the more I read about the Premier, it has a different final drive ratio, and everything. Unless I read that wrong. But, one thing is for sure, the rental definitely moves, compared to my car. The Hatch, just feels lazy. It seems to hunt more for gears, it’s just a totally different feel, that the rental.

I was amazed that in the first 2 minutes, of driving the rental, that it was such a different car. I’m going to start documenting things when I get the car back, today, just to see if I can figure out, how off things are, from what’s advertised. Gas mileage, and acceleration. The Hatch doesn’t seem like anything is dead, on it, it definitely doesn’t take off like the rental, though.

I was trying to find the weight difference, between the two. It seems the base model is about 2,800 pounds. Which is super light. I could have sworn the Gen 1 eco, was about 3,300. Maybe I’m just shooting from the hip, with the figures. I need to look them up, again. Maybe it’s just the added weight of the Premier, that I’m feeling, against the gutted rental? I don’t know.

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Front O2 sensors have been a common issue for the Gen 2's. I haven't had it happen yet, but a few have. I could see that causing it to run rich and feel underpowered. Frankly, mine scoots.

I'm doing 27+ in city driving in a Premier sedan - something's going on. Highway is high 30s-low 40s at 70-75.

The transmission learns your driving habits, and it seems very well programmed to me. Perhaps yours feels down on power and you're pushing it to the point where it downshifts easily. Wouldn't hurt to reset the adaptives, but mine tends to hold high gears unless you really boot the throttle, and even then, it will just downshift to the midrange of the tach and take off. I like it that way. The highway gearing in the auto is a bit annoying and widely spaced; 5th often isn't enough to pass; 4th is a screamer.

That said, I have had 2 LT's as loaners. The less heavy wheels definitely make the car feel a bit more eager accelerating around town. The ride on those is much more floaty and buttoned down (and they don't handle nearly as well) - the Premier can feel a bit busy on uneven roads thanks to the 40-profile tires.
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Yeah, I honestly haven’t seen above 28mpg on the highway, and that’s through resetting the trip meter, over about 5-6 tanks of gas. Plenty of times I drive 72 for more than 40 miles, look down, and the “last 25” never got over 26 all Highway.

If I was driving any of my Ecos, that would be in the high, high, 30s. Like 38-39. Maybe even over 40.

And, you’re right about the tires. There is a patch of road, around here, maybe a mile long, and it’s been scraped, with wavy grooves, man, those tires follow the grooves. The car wobbles from side to side on that road.

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Picked my car up. This is what I was referring to. This picture was taken about 35 miles from the dealer. I’m about 40 minutes from there. Vehicle Car Electronics Multimedia Technology

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What are you complaining about, Cruzetech? 25-26 is about the best I can hope for from my E320 4matic wagon at 73mph. OTOH, my E320 is an 18 year old car with 250k on the odometer, AWD, 4200lb, and a factory roof rack.

I'm still thinking intake restriction, exhaust restriction, pressure leak between turbo and throttle, defective injector, or a sensor that's out of whack but not quite far enough to keep the computer from relying on its data. And I just thought of a new one, camshaft not timed correctly. If it was a brake caliper you'd have smelled it weeks ago.
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I’ll keep an eye on it, to see if I can get it to read any better. I’m going to try hypermiling it, to see if I can get over 40. And it’s more likely something from the factory. The car is 3 weeks old.

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I've got less than 800 miles on my '17 LT sedan automatic, bought it a month ago but was out of the country for 2.5 weeks with the family in the middle. When I was test driving, there seemed to be a lot of variability between cars. The first LT I drove was specced exactly the same as the one I bought except a different color and no RS package. It seemed slower and just didn't feel right. Then I drove a hatch LT with a manual, the clutch engaged right high and it in general didn't feel right either. Mine is a little sluggish from a dead stop until the turbo spools up (a second or maybe two) then it is fantastic. Feels quite a bit stronger in the mid and upper mid range than my '15 eco.

I've been averaging (one fill up only so far) more with the '17 LT than I did with my '15 eco. I got 35.5 mpg on the first fillup of mixed city driving (hwy, freeway, and city streets) and I've got a pretty heavy right foot. Plus I'm just getting to know the car so feeling it out on how it performs.

In my '15, I averaged 31.2 on the first fillup, 31.7 averaged the first year, 32.0 the second and 33.4 this year up until I turned it in. My best mpg for a tank of gas over the 2.5 yrs I owned it was 38.7. These are calculated based on odo logs and pump receipts so they are only as accurate as that. The DIC was always optimistic, reading higher than I calculated.

I watched a youtube review of a 2016 or 2017, and they complained of poor fuel economy as well. I think you either got a bad example or there is something wrong with your car.
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Just got off of a 61 mile trip, and kept it around 70-75. I’m at 29.4. Best 31.4. Not great, at all.

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Just got off of a 61 mile trip, and kept it around 70-75. I’m at 29.4. Best 31.4. Not great, at all.
Just ran out and checked, only have 660 miles so far:
Last 25, Avg 28.4, Best 45.3
Last 50, Avg 30.6, Best 41.9
Last 450, Avg 33.2, Best 33.6

These are all just around the Minnapolis/St.Paul area mix of freeway and city. No long trips.
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I just drove home, 61 miles from the last post, above. The instant MPG, never got over 32, and thats with the cruise control on, the entire trip. Very disappointing gas mileage, from the Premier Hatch.
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