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2 Stuck thermostats in a row????

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I hoping someone can provide some insight, I don't know if my 2012 Cruze really hates cold weather or if GM's thermostats are garbage? It's 1.4L, manual trans, 5500mi

With temps less than 20 degrees, my car won't come up to full operating temperature, even with 25 minutes of driving. Turning up the fan speed or the mile long coast down a hill into town causes the coolant temp to tumble.
I had it at the dealer today, they said the previous thermostat was stuck open. They replaced it with a new one and verified it was working correctly.

I drove the car home after work (1 degree F) and it's doing the same thing, I was only able to get the coolant temp to 160 degrees in 25 minutes. I could barely run the heater enough to keep the windshield defrosted. I cranked up the fan speed to 4 on the way home to test it and as soon as I did that the coolant temp dropped 10 degrees in a minute.

I wonder if this is really a stuck thermostat or can the Cruze not handle cold temperatures?
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Sounds like another bum part. Even at 3*F mine was fine. The shutters and reduced grille area probably helped.

Were those 25 minutes more highway or more around town? Mine's always gotten to 180*F in about 10 minutes of 45 mph driving with a modest hill in there.
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