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Hi, my wifes car is a 2009 Cruze 1.8 CDX, the Korean made one, anyway, water got through the seal on the rear ECU Plug, and water got into the ECU and fried it, it looks like just a few fried Caps, but instead of repairing it as there is a few other corroded looking bits, I am looking at replacing it, I know that I cant just replace it and drive, but I am wondering what my best option is, the wreckers over here sell a "Kit" that they say will work, which is ECU, BCM, Key, new ignition barrel and chip reader.

Now I am wondering first if this will work, as I can not find if this model Cruze is on the Global A electrical architecture, as if it is, it will need other components as well. would I be better off just purchasing a second hand ECU and removing the main AM29F800BB Rom and the imobiliser chip (which I have not ID'd yet) from my faulty one and soldering them into the new ECU, or am I missing an obvious fix.

I don't want to take the holden dealer for a fix if I can help it as this car is sending me broke with repairs, in just the last 6 months, Harmonic balancer exploded, Throttle pedal electronics stopped working, and now fried ECU, so I just want to fix it so it can run a few more months until we are ready to replace it.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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