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Hi all

Im from Madrid, Spain and my cruze is a 1.8 LT (the equipment is the same that LS package in USA, we don't have the LTZ equipment)
Carbon Black with Navi and Sunroof.

Now i have 25000 kms


* bluetooth parrot (the original bluetooth is not available here)

Future mods:
* Chrome trunk lid
* Led DRL
* can-bus hack (working on it)

Problems experienced:

* Reverse gear scratch (solved)
* New camshaft with 15000 kms (solved)
* Reverse light and sensors not work (solved)
* Oil leaks (solved)
* Antifreeze leaks (partialy solved)
* Power loss (max speed 160km/h) (partialy solved)
lol your going to rewrite your code,lookinto the mongoose its the cable youll need
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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