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I would like to ask you help:
  • I receive Error 71 on the dashboard.
  • No check engine light.
  • If you read codes via OBD and laptop there are no faults.
  • The car forget how many km has it run in total.
  • I can not enter the menu.
  • Speedometer, RPM, water temperature, fuel gauges are perfect.
  • The battery was removed for 12 hours than re-plugged.
Thank you in advance!

Update I noticed when I opened the driver door / the radio shut down. The mileage came back for a split second, and again gone.



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Welcome Aboard!(y)

We want to help you fix your Cruze as quickly as possible. To do that, we need some basic information, such as:

1. Year, trim level, and transmission.
2. Miles on the car!!!
3. Check engine light, airbag, or other warning light on or "Service [insert system here]" message showing? Has somebody told you the code if the check engine light is on?
4. Approximate location of the issue.
5. As detailed a description of the problem as you can give. Something like "My 2012 Cruze Eco manual transmission with 50k miles on it is making a grinding noise from around the brake pedal at 12 mph every time I start the car, and doesn't do it again until I start the car again" is enough to let us get started. (Hint: I described the ABS self-check, and that check is normal for every Cruze on startup)
6. Country! Your warranty and repair options might be different in other countries than here in the United States or Canada.
7. (as needed): Left-hand drive or right-hand drive? If your car is right-hand drive, that's nice to know since a lot of us on this board have little experience with RHD cars.

Lastly, please be patient and polite! All the folks on this board are doing this in their spare time for free, so we might not be able to reply immediately.

This is from the Chevrolet Cruze Malaysia Enthusiasts Club

Cruze error codes
Error code
Error CodE Vehicle message
1 Change engine oil
2 No radio remote control detected, depress clutch pedal for a restart
3 Engine coolant level low
4 Air conditioning off
5 Steering wheel is locked
6 Depress brake pedal to release electrical parking brake
7 Turn steering wheel, switch ignition off and then on
8 Switch ignition off and then on, repeat breath test
9 Turn steering wheel, start engine again
11 Brake pads worn
12 Vehicle overloaded
13 Compressor overheated
15 Centre high-mounted brake light failure
16 Service brake lights
17 Headlight levelling malfunction
18 Left low beam failure
19 Rear fog light failure
20 Right low beam failure
21 Left front sidelight failure
22 Right front sidelight failure
23 Reversing light failure
24 Number plate light failure
25 Left front turn signal failure
26 Left rear turn signal failure
27 Right front turn signal failure
28 Right rear turn signal failure
29 Check trailer brake light
30 Check trailer reversing light
31 Check left trailer turn signal
32 Check right trailer turn signal
33 Check trailer rear fog light
34 Check trailer rear light
35 Replace battery in radio remote control
48 Clean side blind zone alert system
49 Lane departure warning unavailable
50 Activated pedestrian protection system, reset bonnet
51 Compass unavailable
53 Tighten fuel filler cap
54 Water in diesel fuel filter
56 Tyre pressure imbalance on front axle
57 Tyre pressure imbalance on rear axle
58 Tyres without TPMS sensors detected
59 Open and then close driver window
60 Open and then close front passenger window
61 Open and then close rear left window
62 Open and then close rear right window
65 Theft attempted
66 Service anti-theft alarm system
67 Service steering wheel lock
68 Service power steering
69 Service suspension system
70 Service level control system
71 Service rear axle
73 Service All-wheel drive system
74 Service AFL
75 Service air conditioning
76 Service side blind zone alert system
77 Service lane departure warning
78 Service pedestrian protection system
79 Top up engine oil
80 Change transmission fluid
81 Service transmission
82 Change engine oil soon
83 Service adaptive cruise control
84 Engine power is reduced
91 Push Remote key to Cockpit to STOP
92 Push Remote key to Cockpit and Step on brake pedal to START
94 Push Gear to Park (P)
95 Service airbag

Don't forget to introduce yourself and your Cruze here.
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