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2010 Cruze LT blinking engine light

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i have a 2010 Chevrolet Cruze LT(1.6L) with 45000 miles.
I changed the crank shaft position sensor last week, then the engine light started blinking after i drive for couple of minutes and if i turn off the car and restart it again it returns normal until i drive it the engine light blinks again every time i drive the car.
the car was smooth for the whole week until yesterday it started to shake and lost power when the engine light blinks.
after scanning the car it gave these codes p0300, p0302, p0303.
i changed the spark plugs,wires,coils and cleaned the injectors, now the car is smooth but still have the blinking engine light and the above codes return every time i scan the car.
please help me this problem is driving me crazy:wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko: