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2011 1.4 Faulty Engine Temp Reading

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Ok Guys and Gals new to this but here goes
To make a long story short my wife's car had the famous A/C OFF DUE TO HIGH ENGINE TEMP I did some trouble shooting and figured it was just a sensor because it was not over heating so changed both sensors (radiator and water outlet) did not fix problem so thought it might be thermostat so changed it out along with water pump while I was there because there both pretty cheap and still getting same problem. It happens after car warms up to normal operating temp and is very intermittent (comes and goes). I had a friend with a scanner look up what the CEL code was and It said something like low coolant flow we narrowed it down to the water outlet temp sensor being the sensor giving the high reading. I have another new one on order just to see if that's it but not really sure I have read that the ECM can give false outputs if goes out but not sure how to trouble shoot
Thank you in advance for any info!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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