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2011 1.4 turbo won't start on first crank but will start on second

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hey guys I've searched on this subject for a while now and it seems others have had the same issue but I haven't found anyone who has posted any solutions or any results.

it is a 2011 1.4 turbo
on the first try it will crank and turn over. it will counting to turn over but will not start.
on second try it will start quickly

the battery for sure is good I've done a load test,
I've checked to see if the the pump was priming by removing the fuel hose at the fuel rail and it does, but I haven't check at what pressure.

has anyone experienced this and what have you done.
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I've seen suggestions that it's the fuel pump. It fails to come up to pressure on the first "prime" before starting. I think you'll need a pressure gauge to see this.
Did you find out the issue with your car yet? I have a 2014 doing exactly the same thing, fuel pressure is 67 psi, spec is 50-94 so it should be good. I have chased this problem for a long time and what I think the problem is the injector on time isn't enough for start up. I can do an injector balance test then hit the key and it starts and runs without being flooded. coolant and intake air temp sensors show the same before running, changed map sensor, crank and cam sensors, compression is at the top of the specs, i'm at a loss
fuel pressure is 67 psi, spec is 50-94 so it should be good.
The question to ask is what is the fuel pressure during the first attempt and how long does it take to reach the spec?

The working theory is something is causing the fuel pressure to be lost, or takes too long to come up. As a result, the first attempt fails. But once the pressure comes up, everything is fine.
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