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Hey all,

I'm trying to help a neighbor out with their 2011 Cruze LS (I think its a LS). Its a 1.8 pair with an Automatic trans with roughly 70k on it. She doesn't do much maintenance, other then oil changes.

She asked me to take a good look at the car and fix whatever I can to be a good daily driver. Car had a coolant issue, where the car kept saying it was overheating. Also has some minor leaks and a CEL for Brake pedal P057c.

  • I looked the car over and we ahead and got a valve cover gasket and new plugs, it leaking at the front pretty bad.
  • I think the coolant sensor was bad, randomly shorting. I found the whole Thermostat housing on Rockauto for $70. So i opted for that. Replaces the thermostat, the one sensor on top and the rear coolant sensor.

So here we are now.... no more oil leaks. Car drives good but i think the trans is slipping or its just how chevy does their ecobox trans. I want to do a D&F for the ATF but there is no dipstick!?! How does one check levels? Are these trans known to be problems? It feels like the shifts are hanging, normally around town all the cars i've had shift around 2500, the cruze seems to like to hang at 3100rpm or more. One a Drain and fill, is it normally 4qts?

Also, there seems to be a small coolant leak, it looks to be the metal pipe that crosses over from the pass side to driver side. Its held on by 2 bolts, i didn't see a gasket when i pulled it, i think there should be on there. Any place i can get it for cheap? I'm not talking about the sqaure one that goes to the block. THis one should be a O-ring or something like it.

I crawled under to look at the pedal sensor. I see the plug and the white U shape thing but where the **** is the bolt? The vent hose is blocking my right side.

Is there any other weak points on this car that i should look at?
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