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2011-16 1.4L Turbo: What broke and at how many miles?

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2011-16 1.4L Turbo:
What broke and at how many miles?

Wanna make a one stop place to share what has broken on these cars and what miles.. so that you can prioritize your preventive maintenance interventions.
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On my 2016 Cruze Limited (I drove 30,000+ per year first three years I’ve owned it, purchased new)
28,000 miles replaced battery (under warranty)
60,000 miles valve cover (eventually paid by GM)
94,000 miles another battery
94,500 water outlet
103.000 miles driver window regulator
104,000 miles passenger window regulator
(Got good at fixing that, sigh)
105,000 miles key fob
108,000 V3.4 manifold fix kit
109,000 miles passenger window regulator (again, sigh)

on my son’s 2016 Limited (also bought new, drives very little)
500 miles radio (would stop after 15 minutes. Erratically would start/not start again, dealer fix)
5,000 miles passenger mirror (someone hit it)
21,000 passenger window regulator
28,000 driver window regulator
30,000 battery

leaving out all the oil/fluid/filter changes.
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts