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2011-16 1.4L Turbo: What broke and at how many miles?

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2011-16 1.4L Turbo:
What broke and at how many miles?

Wanna make a one stop place to share what has broken on these cars and what miles.. so that you can prioritize your preventive maintenance interventions.
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My 12 was fairly problem free and way outside the bell curve

AC tube/hose failed at the coil
PCV valve rupture 2X about every 70 - 80,000 miles
Normal oil change based off the OLM
Trans fluid dump/fill at 95K and then again at 150K
Spark plugs at 95K and then again at 150K
Purge valve solenoid north of 100K
Front brakes around 125K, rear were still original when I traded it in at 190K
Trans cooler hoses at some point in its life

Suspension 100% original, never had it aligned, never showed any wear patterns on the tires to say it needed

Factory Michelins lasted to 80K, second set lasted to 160K. 3rd set I put on were Continental Control Contact. Seemed to perform just as good but a lot less money.

Traded in at 190K.
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For my daughters 2011:

Purchased used at 77,000 miles
Normal oil changes by the OLM since we have owned it
106,000 new front rotors and pads
108,350. New plugs, trans dump and fill, purge valve solenoid, right front wheel bearing.

Ongoing issues:
We bought off the used dealer lot and they had redone the oil pan seal but very crapily. Need to drop and redo
Chasing an intermittent P0171 code. It faults and then acts perfectly fine for a month or more.
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