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2011-16 1.4L Turbo: What broke and at how many miles?

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2011-16 1.4L Turbo:
What broke and at how many miles?

Wanna make a one stop place to share what has broken on these cars and what miles.. so that you can prioritize your preventive maintenance interventions.
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2016 Limited, not sure what trim - 1.4L, drum brakes + torsion bar in rear, has OnStar. Former rental fleet vehicle.

Replaced water pump around 65,000 miles

Driver's window actuator broke at about 70,000 miles. I should have used some double sided adhesive foam or something because the cable rattles inside the door now.

Oil leaking from valve cover seal onto exhaust manifold at about 75,000 miles. Was unaware of the PCV issue at the time. Replaced valve cover and gasket.

Chirping sound under the hood at about 95,000 miles. Discovered PCV manifold to turbo inlet hose brittle and broken, PCV diaphragm leaking. Had valve cover replaced by dealer under TSB. Installed PCV bypass fix kit.

Minor things that haven't been fixed:
Missing trim on rear quarter windows
12v outlet in center console broken loose when someone broke into the car
Black coating coming off radio buttons
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