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2011-16 1.4L Turbo: What broke and at how many miles?

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2011-16 1.4L Turbo:
What broke and at how many miles?

Wanna make a one stop place to share what has broken on these cars and what miles.. so that you can prioritize your preventive maintenance interventions.
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2016 limited 220,000+ miles, excluding normal maintenance.
Pcv fix after 60,000 and 2 failures.
Turbo bypass hose upgrade @ same time.
Water pump @ 140,000 & 210,000
Added pag oil for noisy a/c compressor @80,000 still performs great, no noise.
2 alternators fried brushes and 2 batteries cracked, one killed the other, not sure which @ 120,000ish and 190,000ish
Evap solenoids galore, they average about 3-4 months each. Note: extreme idle times 4-6 hours daily
Spark plugs never failed, but changed once along with the msd preventive coil pack @ 60,000.
Wheel bearings @ 140,000 front only.

Oh my lord... The brake rotors! I tow a small 600-800 lb. trailer most of the time. Almost like a motorcycle trailer. I drive very modest when it comes brake time. I have passed stopped vehicles on the left and the right. Always bought ceramic pads and always warped rotors in under 20 hours driving time. This is after TURNING THE SAME 3 SETS of rotors +4 TIMES. Introduction of drilled and slotted rotors and I have not revisited the braking system in over 35,000+ miles. Before, I pulled rotors and trued them up at least 3 times per pad life cycle. Original rear shoes! Scuff and adjusted every front visit.

All of my junk is the normal pile of parts for a Cruze with the exception of the brake components. The brakes flat suck for anything but city commute. (I feel like I have to say here. I am a one footed driver. Don't start! Haha)

I have had 0 electrical or window/lock/latch problems. Never ran hot馃敟. One fail to start, bad starter, smacked with hammer and drove away, 3 minutes later. No fuel pumps, nothing. Original hoses with the exception of the coolant tank and lines as preventative. Original turbo, everything. I do change fluids (all but brake fluids) at least once a year, oil on schedule. Premium gas.
Mine has been good.
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Long live the evap lifetime warranty! I do run Lucas transmission fix also. It cut out the occasional slow shift and helped with the 3800-4000 rpm shift hold. I dump and fill the trans every 40,000 because I tow with the car.
Side note: Autozone's evap solenoid seems to be more resilient.
Continental blower fans are garbage.
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Factory is Bosh, doubt it gets any better. Good call. Not sure what the brands are at the "burger joint" parts stores. Only speaking from personal experience.
Correct, auto. I wish it was manual, my gas mileage would be better! I early shift my auto, with hopes and dreams....
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