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Extreme Revolution or anyone...
What's this that's plumbed into the valve cover and how is it plumbed into the system and what's the purpose. I have read all over this forum and didn't see any info about it.

My wife's Cruze has a little excessive crank case pressure at idle, at least I think it does. When I take the oil cap off it isn't crazy but I do have issues with it pushing oil out of the timing cover, I thought it was the oil pan leaking but I put dye in it last night and ran it for a few minutes and then crawled under the car and the dye was leaking so bad it was dripping on the floor and I couldn't tell where the leak was so I sprayed it all of with brake cleaner and used my air compressor to blow the engine off and to blow away any dye residue.

I had my son start the car and within a minute or two I could see the timing cover was leaking quite a bit. Her car leaves a hug mess when sitting on the street. I already changed the timing cover seal and that didn't appear to be leaking at all last night. I did the pcv fix kit along time ago, but it doesn't seem to be reducing crankcase pressure. Not sure how to check the pcv valve system with the manifold fix kit installed. Putting my finger on the diaphragm hole does nothing. Not sure if the head gasket is leaking a bit and causing excess pressure or what the deal is.

I build high HP turbo LS engines and I'm not really familiar with this engine. I don't use a pcv system on my builds because we just use catch cans that are open to the air. I will be going through the PCV check procedures as they are written but any additional help would be great. Also really want to know what the fitting and hose on the valve cover is for. Also has anyone converted their coil harness to work with LS coils without buying the really expensive kit and harness. I tried finding a diagram but I failed. Thanks. Really enjoy the Cruze eco, I just wish it had better lumbar support because I have a terribly bad back. Lol

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