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I am trying to program a a replacement bcm from the junkyard to a friend 2011 cruz, he has a new key as well as a ecm also from the junk yard, i am able to setup the ecm, and program right file and vin to the ecm, as well as i had successful message after setting up the bcm as well as the programing it file to it, now when i try to perform IMMO setup LEARN function, i get error.. FE05 Security code input incorrect.. i am using a passthru device authorize by gm, named drewtech,

trying to perform reprogramming with , used bcm and used pcm from different car.. and i have successfully written the vin to and setup the pcm and the bcm successful... but when i am at the process of performing ecm/bcm immo learn function, there i get error message...



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