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2011 chevy cruze 6 speed eco

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U0140, P2227, P2228, P0420, P0299. Ive replaced many parts to include the turbo all the lines coming in and out, rerouted the check valve on the intake manifold, MAF sensor, baro sensor, map sensor, turbo boost sensor and probably more just cant think of any more at the time. I know the P0420 is an exhaust leak/gutted catalytic converter i created when replacing the O2 sensor after the catalytic converter. I gutted the catalytic converter because i thought maybe it was bad then changed the rear O2 sensor and ended up having to cut the exhaust and pull it off to remove the O2 sensor because it wouldnt come out. I pulled the brake booster hose out as well and blew smoke with my vapor cig in there with no visable leaks, dont know if that would replicate a smoke test to the extent it needs to but afterwords pulled the intake hose off and there was smoke in there (so i think it worked) Any questions and ill do what i can to answer them. I will appreciate all the help i can get.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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