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2011 Chevy Cruze 6 Speed Manual Shuts Off When A/C is on

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I have a 6 speed manual 2011 chevy cruze. I've had it for four years and its overall been a good car. We've replaced the clutch and a few other parts. I'm having a few problems but this specific one has to do with the car shutting off while idling when the ac is on. My rpms start dropping below 1k and the car starts "sputtering" thst may not be the right word. It sputters then shuts completely off. What could this be?
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Does the car run and accelerate ok when ac is off, or is it not quite 100%?
If the car is barely idling, could it be the added load of the ac is causing it to drop off?
My car has always been noticeablaly slower with the ac on and never quite figured out why but here in the UK I don't often have to to suffer the problem! 🙄😂
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