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2011 Chevy Cruze RTng forward to talking Chevy Cruze

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Hi Ya’ll

Picked up a 2011 Cruze with a 1.4L turbo. The 6t40 tranny was bad. The rest of the car was really clean. I just finished rebuilding the 6t40 tranny. Runs and drives very well. Looking for info on how to get to the actuator and gear for the defrost vent. Any info would be helpful. Looking forward to talking Chevy Cruze with you.

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Sorry, didn’t take pictures. I used the ATSG manual to put the tranny back together. I supported the engine from the top, dropped the subframe and pulled the tranny from underneath. Had the torque converter rebuilt, bought a master rebuild kit with all the fibers and steels and pistons. When I got into the tranny, found that the 456 drum had a broken wave plate and the snap ring that holds the assembly together was broken into tiny pieces. At first glance it didn’t look to bad overall, but found that those pieces of snap ring had taken out most of the other hard parts in the tranny. Sprag, sun gear, planetaries, clutch hubs, etc. I opted to replace and rebuild the tranny just because I had never rebuilt a front wheel drive before. Overall, fairly easy rebuild, but I did have some issues like bad new parts like the Techm and a piston. forgetting to hook up the manual valve on the valve body. I ended up taking the tranny out as second time. Even though all the pistons bench tested ok the first time, when I got the tranny back out and retested everything again, one of the new pistons had failed. Don’t know it it was something I screwed up or not, but after taking it out, couldn’t find anything wrong with the piston, it just wouldn’t seal. Put another new one in, and it worked fine. The first techm that I installed was an aftermarket one and it just wouldn’t take a flash. Replaced it (on the car) with an OEM techm and that worked fine. Once that problem was solved, tried out the tranny, initially the car tried to move back and forth a few feet, but then nothing. I talked to Mark Campbell from Transtar Industries in Michigan, he pinpointed the manual valve not being hooked up in seconds. If I had to do it all over again, I would’ve just bought a rebuilt tranny instead of rebuilding my own. The problem with the wave plate and snap ring is really common with that tranny. After buying all the hard parts, it would’ve been cheaper to just buy the rebuilt tranny.
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