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2011 Chevy Cruze Transmission issue

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I bought a 2011 chevy Cruze last year with only 32000 miles on it. Last month while driving my car it started to stall and shift gears randomly then the check engine light came on. I took it to the Chevy dealer and they said it needed a rebuilt transmission or a brand new one. I was livid as the car should not need a new transmission with such low mileage on it. Took it to a transmission specialist and they attempted to replace the transmission computer as it was coming up with a solenoid 4 issue, they replaced it and it started giving them a solenoid 5 issue. After 4 new computers they gave up and rebuilt the transmission. Guess what? Still getting the **** solenoid 5 issue and now it's been A MONTH without my car and they are at a loss as to what is wrong with it. Anyone have any solutions?!
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Not to sound like a wise guy - but this may have been one of those situations where it would have cost you less to have let the dealer handle it.

Any mechanical item can fail if it is abused or used beyond its design specification. Since you're not the original owner it's entirely possible that your car was once in a fleet or a daily rental or other such severe service.

Seems to me that you have a few options going forward:

1) Do nothing and operate the car as is or abandon it.

2) Pursue further repairs from whoever you have allowed to do the service to date. Perhaps enquiring about the warranty they offer on their past repairs.

3) Bring your car to a qualified dealer and pay whatever it is they want to make your car whole again.
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Sounds like the wiring harness and possibly ground cables should be investigated at this point.
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