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I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze with 120k miles with the 1.8L engine. I'm getting the "service stabilitrak" and "service traction control" messages and P0171 code that are frequently referenced on here with the solution of replacing the valve cover. I could also hear the hissing in the engine compartment that many people referenced as being a problem with the PCV in the valve cover. So I replaced the valve cover, cleared the error code, started it up and the rough idle and hissing was gone, so I took it for a test drive. On the drive, everything was fine, but when I got back home and pulled into the driveway and let it idle for a minute, the same messages and error came back. Looked into it some more online and found a suggestion to change the MAF sensor, so I did that and there was no change. I also saw the issue about the negative battery cable, so I bypassed the cable by hooking a jumper cable from the negative battery terminal to the engine block, but saw no change with that either. What I've noticed in troubleshooting is that I can idle the engine cold and everything works fine until the engine gets hot, then I get the messages and the code. Does anyone have any ideas?

- Service stabilitrak
- Service traction control
- P0171 error code
- repaced the valve cover
- replaced MAF sensor
- negative battery cable bypassed with no change
- cold engine idles fine with no messages or codes
- hot engine gives messages and code

I'm stumped.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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