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I have a cruze. I drove it for about 300 kms. 50 of which were uphill. When I parked the car, I could smell something burning. the smell was similar to plastic or rubber burning.

I checked the tyres, the exhaust. But could not find anything. The smell comes from above the front tires. The bonnet of the car is warm but not hot. However, the side fenders above the front tyres are hot. This is the place where i suspect the smell originates from.

I was worried abt the chevy and now my fears are coming true. Hopefully it aint anyting major. Can someone help
I can help... test drive a few different new cars on a good "workout" and then park in an enclosed area like a garage. Then catagorize the individual odors that are created by a new Chevy, Ford,Toyota,Honda, etc.
After catagorizing the various burn off smells, sit back and ask yourself if your concerns were all for nothing. I worry about Chevy too.... I worry that they will give in to the prsessures of the new age order, resulting in the softening of the Corvette. I dream of owning one someday and would hate to find that it would become a hybrid or worst yet - electric. Speaking of which, where does everybody think electric power comes from? The Electric Fairy? Global concerns about Nuke plants and we all think an electric car would be a greener car. And where does Honda think pressureized natural gas comes from? Right again! The Natural Gas Fairy! it comes from raping the Earth even worse than oil drilling! Where are those *%*^$*% extraterrestrials when you need them? Oh, right... we probably don't want their help - no profit in cheap sustainable power sources.....
Sorry for the rant. I was just trying to help.
New rubber,paint,coated metals,brake linings,silicones, etc. will smell when hot. :)
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