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2011 Cruze coolant issues

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I have a 2011 Cruze that has coolant issues ,Gm had to replace thermostat twice and the water pump . This all started about 70,000 miles . The last time the thermostat was replaced it was a new model and assured would have not have any more problems. Now it is out of warranty and smelling antifreeze again and indeed leaking again. Called Chevrolet and was told nothing they could do. I have owned GM cars all my life and never experienced so many issues with a car.
This will be my last GM product . I am posting this so that if someone else has had similar problems with their Cruze, they know what is ahead for them.
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Did you ever PM @Chevy Customer Care?
Leaking from where? This sounds like a bad workmanship issue to me (dealer problem).
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