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I have a chevy cruze 2011 Diesel car which got submerged in flood. Unfortunately, I dont have insurance cover at that time. I need support to recover the vehicle. Vehicle was under the water about 2 days.
The battery died & i bought a new one. The vehicle turns on (Turned on after 4 months). the infotainment works fine. But the audio system turns on as soon as i turn on the key.
I inspected the diesel injectors & checked whether there is any runs formed inside the cylinder bore. Fortunately no rust & I can see the carbon particles. I disconnected the engine from all the other attachments & directly powered the starter motor & the engine ran without any trouble. Now planning to do a fully equipped cranking.
My plan is,
1. replace all the fluids in the car (Engine oil, Brake fluid, Coolant, washer fluid, Drain the Diesel tank, Power Steering fluid)
2. Replace the Air filter, Oil filter, fuel filter & cabin air filter.
3. Program the BCM (Bought new), Disconnect & Connect all the electrical wirings.
4. Crank the engine....
I need your support in reassembling the components as i am trying this for the first time. Whenever i stuck, i will request the members to guide me on that assembly. Please support me.

Now, i am stuck at washer fluid tank assembly. I couldnt assemble the filling hose to the tank. Lookls like i misplaced a connecting part. Could you please help me to identify the parts involved in Washer Fluid tank assembly?

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