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I bought my cruze new and have not had too many issues with it. RecentlyI have been having issues when the car is warmed up.

I have a 2011 ECO 1.4 with the Manual trans. I have around 124,000 milesand have had regular service done on the car.

My problem is when my car warms up, usually about after running for about 15minon the highway, I start getting a hesitation/stutter from the engine when I accelerate,no loss of power or rpms and no noticeable loss of gas mileage. When I amjust traveling with no acceleration or when the engine is cold I do not noticeany problems at all.
Brought it into the dealer and there were nocodes coming up and before I started to throw money into the problem for themto try and figure it out figured I would ask on here to see if anyone else hadthis issue or could point me in a direction to start looking or fixing.

Thanks in advance
Hello Telcomfaust,

We're sorry to hear about these engine concerns you're experiencing with your Cruze. I understand you're looking for advice from fellow members, however, if you take it back to the dealership for a diagnosis and would like additional assistance on our end, please let us know and we would be happy to help.

Have a great day,

Chelsea D.
Chevrolet Customer Care
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