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2011 Cruze Eco High Mileage - Please Advise

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Hi all,

Please advise. I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze Eco with just under 144k miles. I purchased the car at 100k and have taken great care of it in my 3 years of owning. No major issues so far.

I want to know how far this car can go as best I can without knowing how it was taken care of in the first 100k (If I continue good maintenance practices). 200k? Beyond?

Any experience you have would help. Trying to decide if I should "get out now" and trade it in for what value I can still get out of it, or drive it until it's in the ground.

Thanks for your time!
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CruzeEcoBlueTopaz topped 400,000 miles with his 2012 ECO MT before he replaced it with a Malibu. He wanted a larger car.
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