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2011 Cruze eco manual missfires like crazy

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Hi there from Quebec Canada

so i have a chevy cruze 2011 eco manual, the car is very well maintained, oil changes, coolant, etc

so im running vermont tunning eco tune for best fuel economy.

So in the last couple of months my car started missfiring like crazy when i let the throttle go after alcelerating of a hill or even just passing a car normaly

i did install a boost gauge and i can see the boost fluctuating from 5 to 15 every time, the other stange thing my vaccum says -30 at idle its that normal!!!

things done on the car. Valve cover, new spark plugs, changed 2 sets of coils, KN filter, ported Intake manifold, font mount intercooler.

At idlle car shakes a loot feels like the engine mounts are bad or the dualmass flywheel is letting go, sometimes i even see missfires at idlle

Dont know what to do, the car has no power and the turbo almost dosent spool i have to press the gas at full throttle to get boost

did a boost leak test no boost leaks what so ever, im tinking of buying the PCV kit sold here.
I do know that the wastegate arm its a little weak on the turbo and that i need to change the pcv, however will that cose to see 10 missfires at part throtlle at 3000rpms and 6 degres of timing retard.

Please let me know if these makes sense or what do i need to check.
Sorry for my bad English its my forth langauge.

I want to keep the car until the wheels fall off however im getting more and more problems
fixed a ton of coolant leaks, changed coils and sparkplugs, changed valvecover, found a ton of oil in the intake and intercooler pipeing, used seafome and clean the mass air sensor and map sensor dit not change nothing.

Maybe a compression test.

To all Cruze fans thanks in advance.
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Are there any codes or DiC messages? Which engine? Check your PCV setup.

2011-2016 Cruze 1.4 PCV Valve Cover/Intake Manifold Issues

1. Year, trim level, and transmission.
2. Miles on the car!!!
3. Check engine light, airbag, or other warning light on or "Service [insert system here]" message showing? Has somebody told you the code if the check engine light is on?
4. Approximate location of the issue.
5. As detailed a description of the problem as you can give. Something like "My 2012 Cruze Eco manual transmission with 50k miles on it is making a grinding noise from around the brake pedal at 12 mph every time I start the car, and doesn't do it again until I start the car again" is enough to let us get started. (Hint: I described the ABS self-check, and that check is normal for every Cruze on startup)
6. Country! Your warranty and repair options might be different in other countries than here in the United States or Canada.
7. (as needed): Left-hand drive or right-hand drive? If your car is right-hand drive, that's nice to know since a lot of us on this board have little experience with RHD cars.
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