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I had a 2006 Silverado Crew Cab 2LT 4x4 with about 8500 equity in it with trade in value. Tried to sell it but got no where. Was going to drop the payment on that, use the equity to get an early 2000's BMW 325 or A4 Quattro.

Saw an offer for 170 something a month and 0 down for current GM owners. I really wanted a sedan, rear wheel drive and manual transmission. I test drove a Cruze LS thinking I wouldn't like it but I really did. Decided to dump the idea of getting an old Euro car and go with the Cruze, on a lease, and dump the equity into my wifes 2011 Camaro Convertible which is on order.

When I went in to close the deal adding an extra 1k to the cost for alloy wheels, I took my wife for a ride in it and she asked how I engage the cruise control. I clicked on the set button for the on board computer but nothing happened. I told her to look it up in the manual where she promptly pointed out it should be on the left side of the wheel itself, where mine had a blank spot.

Thus, the LS Cruze does not come with Cruise, how ironic.

To get cruise control I had to upgrade to an automatic transmission which I was not willing to do. Then I noticed that just this month a new model was released called the Eco, which came with the 1.4L Turbo motor as opposed to the 1.8 naturally aspirated one, only difference being twenty more ft-lbs of torque. It also weighed in about 200 lbs less, and the Technology package included Cruise control.

So my salesmen did a locator on the car and I signed the lease agreement sight unseen.

Got the car a few days later (had to get it from a Maryland dealer and we're in VA) and love it. Took a bit to get used to the power curve of the turbo but I'm glad I got the powertrain now that I have it shifting and accelerating smooth.

I am coming from a Corvette/Silverado combo and now have a Cruze/yet to be purchased cheapo truck combo but I am still very happy with the swap. The car is small, stiff and generally fun to drive. The Corvette was the same but the convenience of rear doors and 30+ mpg no matter how I drive it is making the practicality of the car shine through.

Even though my goals were: 4 doors, Manual transmission, rear wheel drive, 6+ cylinders. Hitting 2 of the 4 and making the concessions on the other two has been well worth it.

I was discouraged to see that minus a Cadillac CTS with the Auto Transmission delete option is the only way you can get into a car that hit all my marks was sad, (unlisted preference of domestic included) I understand that 95% of people in the US drive automatics, but with almost every car not having that as an option has got to be driving that number up. I know for myself, I will never have an auto main car again. I drive in crappy DC traffic and still need the manual to keep myself focused on the task at hand (driving) and not on my phone or anything else that can distract me from mundane driving.

All in all, I made the right choice, with gas horribly inconsistent and $70 fill-ups only possible if gas gets to $5.83 and I fill up from EMPTY. I am happy. The car is super fun to drive and a far cry from any of the Cavaliers, Cobalts or Focuses (though the 2012 Focus looks like a great car). Plus it is going to be bumper to bumper the entire lease, and powertrain after that if I choose to buy out the lease (which will only be at 10k and gas prices will probably influence that decision).

Only issue which I am going to post in the other forum is my phone "Pair's" but never "Connects" with the bluetooth. I can't make calls through my car which is annoying. I have a Droid Incredible and also have google voice which I'm thinking might be a culprit. If I get no answers from here to the dealership I go!

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