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2015 Cruze 1.4L engine 6 speed AT
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Well Peach,
I would say you seem to have two issues.

The battery is a month or two old, no reason for it to be the battery
Well, unfortunately a new battery doesn't mean what it used to. I would have BOTH the alternator and battery load tested. AutoZone will do this for free.
Along those same lines. If you are running the stock negative battery cable, that needs to be replaced. It is a known issue that is extremely hard to diagnose.

The other problem, that I'm almost sure is causing half your codes, is the exhaust issue. If you can find the leak (if it is a leak), JB Weld (highHeat) might be able to patch it.

FWIW dude, you / we need to find out what's the issue first. Then we can help you fix it as inexpensively as possible. (y)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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