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Some background, I've been having some other power related issues such as the car shutting off when idling with the ac on but only with the specific scenario and the performance of the car didn't seem to suffer. Then I posted about a noise and that has now been seemingly diagnosed as an exhaust leak and i am working on getting that fixed. However I'm not having issues with the car not wanting to start.

  • Doesn't want to start. Sometimes the lights on the dash will come on, door will chime, radio will come on. Most recently everything is dead and car was jumped and everything came on.
  • Extremely slow to accelerate, have to turn off a/c.
  • Decreased gas mileage. Used to be 28.5-28.7, now is 25.5ish.
  • Service stabilitrack comes on while the radio and leds on the radio simultaneously turn off. This is brief, 20-30 seconds and it turns back on.
  • Exhaust leak, whining noise.
  • Engine codes: P0014, P0171, P0420
  • A/C causes car to shut off while idling. Whether in park or in neutral.
The battery is a month or two old, no reason for it to be the battery. That was the original thought. Oklahoma heat + battery=disaster but apparently not.

Any insight? I'm working on getting these things repaired but like many, life is difficult and I don't have a bunch of money to throw at this all at once. So I need some guidance. Any and all help is appreciated and I do have someone who will be doing the work for me.

Thank you.
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Whining noise (has gotten worse, now full blown typical exhaust leak noise)
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