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2011 ECO Key Broke: What did I do Wrong?

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So, my flip key broke from the fob. The fulcrum piece shattered into pieces.

I went to a locksmith and had a new one made from the blade, but not a factory fob; just a blank. It's attached to the fob via a small ring.

It started the car right away when I tested it.... and then never again. The fob is like 1/2 inch away from where it used to be, just hanging down. Does it have an electrical connection via the blade? Is that why it won't work? I assumed that being in close proximity would be fine.

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No electrical connection.
Check remote's battery, I replaced mine once. The distance should be ok, Or bring the other key fob in the proximity and your car should start.
Thanks for the responses. I changed the battery. I can *sometimes* get the new key to work, but it gives me an idiot light: "Service Theft Deterrent System" or something to that effect. Stumped!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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