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2011 Holden Cruze CDX - Sterio control not working

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Hey All.... I'm new here.
I have an issue that I need help with.
I have a 2011 Holden Cruze (Australia/Melbourne) with no Sat Nav. So I thought I would purchase the head unit, cd player unit and the whole loom from a vehicle that had the navigation system.
After attempting to do this swap over I got the screen up but it was locked and I would not enter anything from the control unit that sits infront on the CD player.
After this I thought I would put my original unit back on. After doing this the CD player works, radio works and I can only control and navigate myself through the tracks or radio staions from the stearing wheel controls only. The controller at the dash no longer works.
I have confirmed the fuse is ok and the cabling that comes to the head unit has power.

Any got any ideas????
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Guess no one has any ideas for me:(
Did you take it to a dealer and get them to do the VIN update/change thing that has to be done when you change the head unit?

It's probably locked now, so you'll have to jump through a few hoops to prove that bvoth the vehicle and the two head units are legally yours.
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Thanks heaps for the post.

I will go and see a holden dealer.
Does anyone know if this can be done without taking it to Holden?
Does anyone know if this can be done without taking it to Holden?
I have a 2012 CDX without sat nav and just use a TomTom stuck on the windscreen, works great.
Does anyone know if this can be done without taking it to Holden?
No. This sort of thing has to be done with a computer connected to the internet using the GMH software and so on.

Not because it can't inherently be done stand-alone, but because GM made it that way, the change can't be done without the software getting a magic key from head office.
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