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2011 Red Cruze 1LT - with lots of Extras!

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After more than a month of browsing/thinking/analyzing, we finally took the plunge and got ourselves a Cruze!

Ours was equipped with the following:
  • Connectivity Plus Cruise Package
  • 1LT/1XF driver's Convenience Package
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Pinstriping
I also went-ahead and bought the fog lamps -- those are scheduled to be installed, this coming Friday (as I am already off work, that day).

But -- as fate would have it, we took delivery during a snowstorm, which means we won't be able to put it through its' paces untilt a bit later, today.

A special thanks goes to the team at Jack Schmitt Chevrolet in O'Fallon, IL (St. Louis DMA) for their courtesy and professionalism throughut the whole process -- I will most definitely recommend them to any prospective St. Louis area Cruze buyers.

Also, thanks to all of you -- because of this particular forum (among other sources), I was able to make a good, informed decision on what we needed.

Pictures later, this week... :)
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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