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New 1.6 Turbo Engine Successfully Completes Its First Thousand Kms Of Tests
Flawless Run for the 2011 Cruze in Jerez, as team prepares final rounds of 2010 WTCC

The Chevrolet team concluded yesterday an important three-day testing session in Jerez, which saw in action both the current Cruze and the 2011 model equipped with the new 1.6 turbo engine petrol. Rob Huff and Yvan Muller shared the driving duties in Andalusia.
The test with the 2010 Cruze was aimed at preparing the two final and decisive rounds of the current WTCC season. The team’s work focused mainly on brakes, which are to play a key role in Japan and Macau, where Chevrolet and Muller will defend their respective leads in the Manufacturers’ and Drivers’ standings.
In parallel, the 1.6 turbo-powered 2011 Cruze completed an impressive 1020 kms without any problem. This is a very encouraging outcome for the first long test of the new car and engine, as development work will continue in forthcoming weeks.

glad to know all is well with the new 1.6 turbo engine chevy is using in their wtcc cruze!
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