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2012 1.8L O2 Sensor issues, multiple codes

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Looking for any help possible. Have a 2012 Cruze with the 1.8L with about 134k miles. Been stumped on how to test the circuit for the B1S2 O2 sensor. Already replaced the sensor with a Bosch O2 sensor. When replaced the CEL was gone for about a day or two until a few cycles were ran, then the CEL came back. Was getting the following codes before and after: P0036, P0138, P013E, P0140, P0141. All codes repeat 3 times except the P0141 code showing, stored, pending, and permanent on
my scanner. When I plugged in my OBD2 scanner to check the circuit voltages, I see B1S1 travels up and down between 0.1V and 0.8V but B1S2 is flat line pinned high at 1.25V. Checked the fuses under the hood and replaced with new as well to eliminate that variable. Thinking maybe a bad circuit wire somewhere? But really unsure of where to start probing, what voltages and amps I should be seeing at B1S2, or what resistances I should be seeing on the heater pins. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Been trying to get this CEL gone for about 2 weeks now..
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