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2012 1LT RS Manual help!

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Hello fellow cruze members, I recently bought a used 2012 1LT RS Manual and absolutely love the vehicle. I have a lot I want to do to it and would love ideas but I have a problem.

I recently went in and installed my sub and amp in the car but in the process, I pushed through the grommet that has a big wire loom that goes into the engine bay and cut a few wire?

The tool I used was a PLASTIC panel popper so I know that the wires that got cut weren't grounded to bare metal by any means.

After finding the wires that were cut and creating a jumper or taping them up, I can start and drive the car, but I still have a few lights on the dash. I currently have traction control (which I know isn't working), parking brake stays on after I release it(the brake works and the system still notifies me to release the brake while moving), ABS light is on(I don't know if it is working and don't really want to test it myself), the powering steering light is on(is working), and the DIC informs me to service power steering.

Now I know I'm going to get a lot of crap for this but the panel popper slipped when I was shoving it through and thus caused the headache I now have. If anyone can give me insight on what to look for or what I should, that would be helpful! Thanks!

PS. The passenger driving light doesn't come now either so if this is related or a seperate issue that would be helpful. I know it is getting power because the bright will come and I replaced the blub and still nothing.