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We inherited a 2012 Cruze and now of course it has all the problems in the world.

It is nearly 100000 kms on the clock, so was going to give it an oil/filter/coolant/fuel filter/lube etc service, but before i could get to it it had signs of a blown head gasket.

Almost no power under throttle, LOTS of white smoke from the exhaust, coolant in oil and vice versa.
Ordered a full gasket set, water pump, turbo cooling lines and we rebuilt it to spec.
Head gasket is metal, and looked fine. Replaced.
Timing cover gasket looked pretty bad, so we thought that was the culprit.
After rebuilding, started it up last night with fresh oil/coolant/engine flush and sounded great, got it to operating temp and everything looked/smelt fine.
As soon as i drove from my mates house, exact same issue. Revs cut out, nearly to stalling point, plumes of thick white smoke from the exhaust. No water in oil this time though.
Only other thing i can think of is sparks, coil, maybe turbo issue?
Any ideas on what it could be?
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