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2012 Chevy Cruze Fuel Economy Upped to 38-MPG, Matching Ford Focus

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When Chevy first brought the Cruze to America, there were bold promises of 40-mpg. Then GM proudly boasted that the special Cruze Eco would get an astonishing 42-mpg.

Unfortunately that Eco model costs plenty more than the standard vehicle and only the 6-speed manual model (of which approximately six will be sold) gets the 42-mpg mark, while the auto-box Eco is rated at a less dramatic 38-mpg. As for the Cruze most people will look at buying, it received an official 36-mpg rating by the EPA.

An alarmingly good number just a few years ago, with the launch of a new Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra and Honda Civic, it's already nearing the back of the pack. Chevy aims to change this for 2012, upping the Cruze's highway mpg rating by 2 for a 38-mpg total. The Cruze ECO model with an automatic transmission will also get a slight bump and will now be rated at 39-mpg.

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And what did they change to achieve that 38MPG's??? I think most folks here can't achieve 36MPG.

All fuel figures are false in my experience, I only get 27.8 mpg from my 2litre diesel Cruze auto in the UK using Shell V power Diesel however fuel display shows up to44 mpg I shall not be buying another Cruze. Chev UK marketing is hopeless, Cruze does not have DRL, tyre pressure monitor, powered foldaway door mirrors. Very poor resale value and not liked by UK media especially leading consumer magazine WHICH ? Cruze available with huge discounts £3200 off current models.
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