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I’ve Recently had the Valve Cover Gasket, Termostate Housing and Hose, Engine oil Cooler, Map Sensor, intake Manifold, and New Battery installed on my Cruz, Early that morning I’ve had less than 1/4 of 87 gas inside the Tank, Which I refilled with 93 I was able to ride 25/30 miles to work Then First thing started was Check engine light would come on and flash, Which Looking up indicated a misfire I was currently at work at the Time, Once i started the car back to go on lunch it ran perfect came back for lunch it was time to get off. I tried starting the car it wouldn’t do or say anything. I’ve had it towed to the house Upon inspection The Coil was Blown/Cracked I’ve replaced it and it blown again. Which Kept blowing The Fuel injector fuse f9 also.
Since I’ve checked the Voltage and ohms on the Connectors and put everything back together The car does not won’t to crank it had power when turned to the on Position but doesn’t crank, the car has been sitting for almost 3 weeks. However when I changed the ignition coil the 1st time it cranked right up and Ran 5/10mins then turned off. I’ve disconnected the Negative battery cable and Swapped it to Zero Gauge, When Turned the car to the on Position I’ve got on the dash :Service Stabilitrak, Service Traction Control, Service Power Steering and Low Fuel On Dash which I put the old neg battery cable back on still the same thing I ran just about all off the 93 out an replaced with 87 but it still says Low Fuel This car been a pain sense I’ve purchased it really need help figuring this out.
You by any chance use dialect grease on the spark plug boots?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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