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2012 chevy cruze lt dsc

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So I have looked everywhere and a lot of people have explained to me what it is but I still have a few lingering questions about it.

Like for example, up shifting, when is the proper rpm to up shift? Or what mph should I up shift at? Down shifting, when should I down shift? What rpm? Do I have to worry about down shifting at all when slowing down since my car automatically down shift?

I noticed that when I slowed down to turn right my gears stayed in m3, it did not down shift. Is that normal? How does that work, does it automatically up shift for me?
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Are you referring to the manual shift mode in the automatic transmission? If so, my recommendation would be to learn when the car is shifting normally and then start from there.
From the manual section of the owners manual: "During normal driving, upshifts should occur between 1,300 and 2,500 rpm, and downshifts should occur between 1,500 and 1,000 rpm." I'd imagine it would be the same in dsc mode on a automatic.
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