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2012 Chevy Cruze shift knob wont PARK

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I have had my Cruze for 2 years and never had a problem. Tonight the car would not go into park. It freely shifts between D, R and N. It stops at R and won't push up into Park.

This happened 2 weeks ago and I fiddled with it until it eventually went into park but this time it just won't. Unfortunately for the night I put it in neutral with the e-brake on. Since I can't really turn it off and take the key out, I just disconnected the battery.

I looked up trouble shooting and everyone that had this problem pressed the brake and turned the wheel and it went into park. I have never had a problem before and the car makes no unusual noises. Does anyone know a solution or the cause of this?
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How old is the battery and have you had the negative cable swapped out by the dealership yet? These cars do weird things when it has electrical issues. One more way to get the shifter in and out of park is carefully removing the black square and suing the key blade or something flat to press down on the release. Just be aware if you are trying to start the car you have to be in park or neutral.
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Welcome,I would have thought about pressing the brake but it sounds like a more an electrical problem like Merc said
Shift lever has failed.....the component that the button lifts when pressed, allowing it into the park position, has a broken internal link.

Sold as a assembly.

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