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At 172,000 miles my cruze is a huge headache. First, it was like pcv issue, manifold seal, and ignition coil pack..
Not even 6 months later, ignition coil pack blown yet again. Took it back in and they replaced it again, and I brought with me a brand new battery because when what I thought was a simple coil pack replacement additionally smelt electrical burning smell so just in case got new battery.
The newly replacement coil pack immediately burnt, and they told me that a belt is flinging some type of fluid (coolant possibly) which is causing electrical shorts. I towed the car straight to chevy and they told me that yes, coolant leak causing shortages not only to coil pack, but to ECM as well. They fixed the leak&coil pack and told me it was all good.
next day engine light again, so went to chevy immediately and they told me the ECM just wasn’t connected all the way.
ONE MONTH LATER, on way to pick up my baby my car went into this intense multiple seizure like event, which included :
Losing engine power/no throttle!!!!
Shut down
Electrical burning smell
Flashing dash warnings all over the **** place
Within mins, it was on a tow truck right back to chevy and chevy assured me the warranty from previous work, if what I’m describing is right then it’ll be covered……..
Told me my ECM is blown and all of a sudden Thad corrosion and that I would need a new one and wiring harness, BUT NOT COVERED BECAUSE THIS WAS NOT APPARENT ISSUE hence not covered! **** receipt from them initially even stated “ecm” when I had to pay hundreds of $$$$ and now “this will fix your problem once and for all though.” Yeah for $2,000!!!!! Straight thievery at its finest!!
nope, tow dang thing back home and now trying to see what I can do on my own!! I’m a single mother and being robbed by CHEVY one more time isn’t an OPTION!!
ANY HELP THAT ANYONE CAN GIVE ME! I would be greatly appreciative!!
I’ve plugged the three connectors back in on ECM that they just left lying about, it started hurting rough for sure, and current codes are:

2014 LT program car, Pull Me Over Red, 1.4T Auto
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Disconnect the battery. Pull all three ECM connectors off, starting at the top and carefully clean all of the pins using a toothbrush and some contact cleaner. Also clean the female side as well. This should get rid of any corrosion that may be causing you issues.

More often then not, the cause of this code is that there is a transmission problem of some kind. The TCM detected the problem and set a code. P0700 means that a fault code is stored in the TCM. However this doesn't rule out the possibility of a failed PCM or TCM (unlikely).
Read more at: P0700 Transmission Control System TCS Malfunction

P1682 Causes
Here are the most common causes of P1682:

Ignition Switch
A bad ignition switch is the most common reason that P1682 will occur. You’re going to need to test it before you replace it. It’s a pretty straightforward process. Here’s an article that covers everything that you would need to know about testing it.

Fuse Block
As the fuse block expands and contracts, it can eventually cause a hairline crack in the wire that runs from the ignition. A good sign that this is the problem is when the vehicle won’t start when the engine is hot, but it will once it cools all the way off. Here is a fantastic video that covers this scenario.

This is particularly common on the Chevy Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, and Chevy SSR. They all use a fuse block that is known to do this.

The ECM should be last on the list. It is possible a bad ECM could be the cause. At this point, it would be wise to take it in to a mechanic that is skilled in diagnosing a bad ECM.

Read more at:

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Thank you for this response!! I’m greatly appreciative of all the insight and pointers provided. I definitely am hopeful that I’ll be able to work on it and properly get it repaired and running soon!
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