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Well as anyone maybe has seen I have had fun with car the last couple weeks. I got my Valve cover on got the oil pan off and got the que tip out.
She is running good and I know the Intake Check valve is pretty mBuch gone. So what to now?
Do I just keep it up for the next 50,000 miles and take my chances, or do I do the change the intake and take the old one and put the mod on it?
Then I started thinking why in the **** does anyone in this forum or the poor people that have know idea whats going on with these cars have to deal
with this.
We as taxpayers bailed out GM. And this is whats gets me. I think its great you have some people here that get the info have solutions and all but
we the people have to deal with this crap of car. Yes I said it a crap of car. As you can see Im pissed, 3 months out of warranty and sure now we know, thanks to Extreme and all his knowledge how much of a pos crap car it is.
No one and I say no one should have to deal with these common break down problems. I have spent more time on this car then any other then I have
ever owned, ohh wait I don't own it yet the bank does.
My 08 Colbalt is still running like a champ thanks to me spending time changing all the suspension, fuel lines because my kid called said he smelled gas one
night and found the thing throwing fuel all over the ground. But that motor is easy and keeping it with good oil really has done some good.
My kid could have caught on fire, this happend two years ago.
I always support American made when I can, but they lost me on this car. I know these are the budget ones, for fuel mileage and all, for ones like me that drive 72 miles a day back and forth to work.
I say again no one should have to do a mod to a intake that GM screwed up on making. Just saying.

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Ohai a Cobalt! I hear @KOBALT liked his Cobalt too.

It had an unfortunate fate similar to @Eddy Cruze ‘s former car, but not as tragic. May both rust in peace in that big junkyard in the sky.

We deal with all this because of all the great smurfs and smurfettes we’ve met along the way!
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