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I ran across this on Motortrend this morning. View attachment 8283

View attachment 8284 The full list of parts from Chevrolet:
  • Unique ground effects package with rocker and fascia extensions
  • Black Ice bright-accented exterior trim
  • Tinted headlamp and fog lamp lenses
  • Dark-tinted windows
  • Custom 19×8.5-inch aluminum wheels finished in Black Ice
  • 225/40ZR19 Bridgestone Potenza S-04 tires
  • Seats trimmed in Loft Brown leather
  • Loft Brown and DK Atmosphere leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Yellow accent stitching on the seats and steering wheel
  • Dark Liquid Palladium high-gloss interior trim plates
  • Door panels and instrument panel with Loft Brown and DK Atmosphere leather wraps and DK Atmosphere paint
  • Adjustable coil-over suspension kit
  • Four-piston front brake calipers with two-piece vented and drilled rotors
  • Two-piston rear brake calipers with vented and drilled rotors
Question...when can we ever expect to purchase a front lip or some sort of z-spec options from GM????????

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Love the color but I must say, for a sema car i'm not impressed. Seen nicer ones on here.

Where are the interior pics?

I want the black lower window trim:)
If you're talking about the chrome trim, it's an easy fix. Just get vinyl overlay or plasti dip it.

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I don't think we'll see much more upscale than the current LTZ from Chevy. It would cut into Verano sales.

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IMHO, there isn't a lot of point to doing more with the suspension and brakes above the LTZ unless you upgrade the motor.
Well, since mine are squeaking again, I'd say there's room for improvement!!
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