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2012 Cruze 1.4 LT Turbo - Did I blow my engine?

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Okay, so I'm very new, so if this is posted in the wrong section or I just didn't research enough I apologize.

I own a 2012 Cruze LT 1.4L Turbo, with about 85,000 miles on the engine..

I went for a drive tonight, on the freeway, and after about 5 or so minutes I noticed a loss of power going uphill at about 65 mph, it started out as a small loss. after about 5 more minutes, I noticed a significant loss of power at any speed and a constant whining sound when gas was applied. starting in the higher gears, then eventually making the sound any time I would accelerate. concerned, I turned around to head home, and took it easy, trying to avoid too much acceleration in order to prevent the sound anymore. total trip so far is about 10 miles. Once I got off the freeway, the whining sound continued, couped with an intermittent sound that resembled the sound of air getting sucked into the intake when you stab the gas, however I was avoiding the gas pedal at all costs. I also noticed that any time I was at a complete stop, the idle was very jumpy, like a heartbeat. Once I made it home, I noticed my CEL was lit, and a very small amount of smoke was coming from under the hood (I'm colorblind, so I have no idea what color it was, unfortunately.) before I killed the engine, I listened to the idle very quickly and noticed the sound of a possible vacuum leak, a large one. I killed the engine, and popped the hood, couldn't see anything obvious, but it was dark. I have a Zubie Key, that monitors my cars OBD system, and pulled code P0299. Turbocharger/Supercharger "A" underboost condition. So I guess, before I take the car in, is there anything I should know, or that I can do to diagnose this problem? Money is a very precious resource, so if I can save anything, I will. Please help me out here, as I am only handy with basic car issues.
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Are you not covered by the 100K Powertrain warranty?
Turbo failure. I went through this exact scenario po 299 code and it's covered in your 5/100,000 power train warranty. Your engine is more than likely Fine.
Welcome to the forum and sorry about your issues. The first thing I thought was PCV. I seriously doubt you have a blown engine. IDK but as Tomko said you should be covered by the 100K Powertrain warranty. Tomorrow I would take the car to the local Chevy dealer and have them look at it. Wait until a few more have time to "chime in"
Thanks. after losing quite a bit of sleep doing research like a crazy man, I checked and yes I am covered under that warranty. and everything is stock, so I should be okay. one thing I did notice, was when I pulled up to my house, the engine oil level was remarkably low. like 2 quarts low. could this be due to the turbo failure? or is my car burning oil and I'm just finding out about it? its never leaked. I check it every time I get gas. I appreciate all the feedback. I am more of a google mechanic.
Remove the dipstick clean it and check the oil again. Sometimes the initial pull of the dipstick can give a false low reading, so always remove clean reinsert and check again. I always check my oil when the engine is cold and I haven't started it yet.
A blown turbo can indeed consume a lot of oil. Make sure the dealership knows that you maintain your car, including oil changes and that this low level of oil didn't occur until the power loss.
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the engine oil level was remarkably low. like 2 quarts low.
Yeah, that's sounding like a turbo. I was going to suggest it could be a "plumbing" issue, but I think those tend to let loose with a bang - and it wouldn't cause a severe drop in oil level.

Do try to find your oil receipts. The dealer may want to see them.
Awesome. I have service scheduled. My only other question, is should I have it towed to the dealership or can I drive it in this condition?
I'd tow it. Ask the dealership to have it towed for you. That way they can charge GM for it.
Definitely have it towed - especially if you are losing that much oil.
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I have the same car an it did this, except it started spraying oil out the oil cap, my guess is cap wasn?t on good cus it would have to have some serious blow by to have that kinda pressure?
Awesome. I have service scheduled. My only other question, is should I have it towed to the dealership or can I drive it in this condition?
Do you happen to know when the Cruze was first placed into service. I only ask because any Dealer towing or Warranty coverage expires after 5 years and we are almost at the end of 2017
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