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2012 cruze eco, 1.4L turbo, 6 speed manual transmission. The car did not crank, self fixed.

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my car is a 2012 eco, manual. I bought this car new in 2012, now the mileage is 65K.

Today I drove 15 miles highway. Stopped at a store. after parked the car for ~30 minutes, I was trying to start the car, with the key in, I turned to ignition, no crank, just nothing. I suspected that the battery connection might not good. I then disconnected battery negative post, positive post, using the wire brush to clean the posts. Actually I did not see any deposite on the battery posts. Then I connected the battery, turned on ignition, still no crank, nothing. I waited for another 5 minutes, then turned the key and the car started.

The battery is three years and 4 mouth old. Three months ago I let the battery checked at the AutoZone, the checking was good. Also, today when I could not crank the car, I checked the battery on DIC, it was 12.3V. I think that battery is good. I drove back to my house for 15 miles highway, now I can turn on the car with no difficulty. In the whole process, even when I could not started the car, I got all the information in the DIC, also there was no any warnings (flicking lights) on the dash.

It seems that this is a ghost problem, went away itself.

However, I still need to check one more thing, it is the key battery. I have not changed out battery after I drove the car out off the dealer's lot. The key battery is 10+ years old. I will change out the key battery. However, I want to use this opportunity to learn:

1. Does my car 'talk' to the key when starting up? in other words, if insert the key with a dead battery, could the car be started?

2. I have a scanner, is there a way to test if the car talks with the key. What the data in the scanner should I look at for this ghost problem?


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It's possible that you've got a bad battery ground cable that's just been OK until now. That was a common issue on the Cruze.

If it was your fob, I think you'd have a message that the car can't communicate with it. (Bad battery ground cable would affect the dash lights) As for the fob, I would put some tape over the top. If water gets inside, you may not have a fob anymore. Might want to get a new one and retire this for emergency spare.
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