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Hi folks,

The car has 112,681 miles on it. Posted a query that was probably just too long about a month ago on P0299. It occurred twice after brief power loss symptoms on hills, 1 in very hot, muggy weather the second in cool, rainy weather. After the first one the CEL went off by itself with more driving on a longish trip. Got the code cleared after the second & it hadn't come back...until last night. But...

Had some very brief loss of power on hills last weekend on a highway run of about 30 miles each way but it didn't last & didn't trigger the CEL or any errors. Ran fine afterward, symptoms were a little like what i had in the summer & again in September before getting the P0299 code thrown. Here's a link to my prior post, it's long but has the details on that.

Current symptoms showed up last night on a short but pretty steep hill, first seemed like it was losing power, not getting enough fuel, then maybe even getting too much fuel. Service Stabilitrack & Service Traction Control showed up in the Driver info display then the CEL started flashing. Power evened out & i stopped pretty much immediately. Got a couple things in a store where i had pulled in, came out & started the car, no flashing CEL at all, normal display. Went home from there & the car seemed mostly Ok though running very rough at times. Ended up going out for some other errands & got repeats of all. Mostly CEL came on & stayed on, ran roughly off & on but got home. i didn't go far, i know a flashing CEL is not good.

Got it scanned today & talked to my local mechanic. He noted that the U codes are all computer related which means dealer stuff. i listed the codes in the order they showed up in the scan. Description is U0100, lack of communication with engine control module, lack of communication with power train module. P0299 is the turbo under boost which i posted about last month, P0300 is random misfire, definitely happening & U0109 is lack of communication with the fuel pump module

i know i have no choice to but to have a dealer look at it given the computer-related codes. i checked my VIN out on the GM site for recalls or software updates but it said there are no outstanding recalls on my car.

What do i need to watch for with the dealer on this? Is there possibly a simple explanation? i sure hope so, this car has been pretty expensive in the short 2 years i've owned it. Not sure what to think.

Thanks very much!

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