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Just wanted to post the latest on warranty work on our Cruze. It has been losing coolant but they couldn't find it for over a two months. The put dye in the coolant and told us to come back in a week to have it looked at. The pressure check was good. In the mean time they found that our cam seals were leaking so they replaced them.

Fast forward two months. The coolant tank was holding it's own up until now when I checked it because I noticed a spot on the driveway. Opened the hood and the tank was empty.

Took it in and that is when they gave me the new Cruze RS to use. Turns out they found the coolant feed tube was leaking as well as the water pump. In the process to get to the feed tube they broke a bolt on the CAT and had to replace that. When they had to take the turbo out there was a large crack on the waste gate. They said that is the first time that they have ever seen that on a Cruze.

So I got a new CAT, turbo, coolant feed tube to turbo and water pump. Also the fun of a new Cruze RS Premier to drive around for two days and when I filled it up it only took 7 gallons. I forgot to check the Trip A before I turned it in to see how many miles I put on it.

The mpg on 50 miles was an average of 37.5mpg and max of 48.3mpg. Not to shabby I would say considering I didn't baby it to get the best mileage I could.

So now I hope all will be well for at least the next 4yrs. That is the plan anyway to keep it that long until my daughter gets out of college.

I also notice some hand prints on the passenger fender. I washed the car before I took it in because it was a mess. Called to tell the service writer and she was pissed and thanked me for letting her know and that next time I was in the area to bring it by for a free wash. It wasn't like I was complaining, I just wanted to let her know to keep an eyes on her mechanics. Some wouldn't have taken it as nice as me.

The powertrain warranty is up this September so this kind of worked out well. Felt good driving out not having to pay anything.
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