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First new car in oh sooo many years. Drivin 70 miles a day to work n back so it was an economical choice. I just turned 1K miles. Pretty satisfied. Cant say its as performance based as my 03 SAAB 93 Vector...but sure to be more reliable, less gas/maintenance costs and all the gadgets are pretty cool. I'll be looking into the spark plug gap thing as it could have just a bit more bite. I'll lower it a bit and get a cooler wheelset but it looks good as is. It will eventually look like this......:th_coolio: Lets Cruze! View attachment 7447
Welcome, and awesome choice for a new car!

Look into the spark plug gap as well as the intake resonator delete. Takes about 15 minutes to do, and you feel the change instantly.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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